Singles Conference


Sunday -10AM Worship Service Wednesday - 7PM Inspire Marion

Choosing God's Best Singles Conference

To Register For The Conference Please Select A Breakout Session! 

Choose the breakout session you would like to attend, click on the title, and you can follow the link to pay the $15 registration fee as well as register for the breakout session you would like!

registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

Can I register and pay at the door?  

Yes you can! The breakout sessions are limited in number so we can't guarantee the breakout session you want will have openings left when you register and pay.

Who Should Attend This Conference?

Single individuals who have never been married, have experienced divorce, are widowed, and are currently desiring to find "the one." Couples who are dating are also welcome!

How do I submit questions for the Panel?

Please submit questions via the e-mail: *Women are submitting questions for the male panel, and men are submitting questions for the female panel*

If I pay ahead of time for the event and decide at the last minute that I do not want to attend, is the registration fee refundable? 

Unfortunately the fee is non-refundable. The fee is allocated for the lunch and any unforseen costs we may incur.

Are masks required to be worn at this event? 

Masks are not mandatory. You are more than welcome to wear them if you desire!

Submit Your Questions here for the panels!

Please indicate if your question is for the male or female panel